Jun. 7th, 2013

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This is a nice house and this is a good dog and I feel safe. I walked miles and miles today and I got lost. Kind of. I knew where I was, but nobody else did, and I wasn't necessarily sure how to get back to the place I was supposed to be. I like that sensation. Nobody would find me unless I wanted them to. I don't like to be chased or stalked or hunted or courted or discovered.

There are supposed to be bears in the neighborhood this week, but I'm not so terribly worried.

I thought a lot about a lot of things on my walk, and I was going to write some of them down, but now I'm kinda tired. I guess I haven't slept for some hours or possibly days. And I walked a long time. Everything was green and gray; I like warm, humid, overcast weather. I like air that settles on your skin like a slightly damp ghost trying to slow dance with the living. I met six or seven dogs and they told me I was walking on their turf, and I saw an alarming number of warning signs affixed to the gates of foresty houses with half-mile driveways that said pretty much the same thing. I can sometimes charm dogs but I've never yet charmed an angry human being with a gun, except maybe just enough for them to arrest me gently instead of using force.

I'm going to get some clothes and bathroom things and food from my parents' house later and mess around on our wireless. Then head back here. Maybe I'll remember what I wanted to say. Maybe it'll rain tonight.

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