Jun. 22nd, 2013

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.The following is a complete-to-the-best-of-my-ability transcript of the first episode of the wonderful Welcome to Night Vale podcast, which you should really be listening to if you aren't already. It's written by Joseph Fink and Jeffery Cranor, and narrated (mostly) by Cecil Baldwin, who plays a fictional character of the same name. I'm not making any money with this transcription, and I don't mean any copyright infringement or disrespect by it-- I can take it down if that's an issue. Since I have a lot of friends with auditory processing disorders who have difficulty following podcasts and radio dramas without visual cues, I thought a transcript would help them focus and understand what was going on while they were listening. I tried to convey some of Cecil's manner of speech and tone with italics, underlines, breaks, and so forth, but I think if you can, you should really listen to the voice acting to get the full effect. It's great. He makes a really weird, soothing narrator.


The whole thing is behind the cut that is going to come after this sentence I am typing right now:

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